Savage Jabiru / Raptor

Jabiru is a famous name within the Savage Aluminium Family, with its roots dating back decades. The Raptor builds on the already rich history of the Savage Jabiru and introduces a brand new hull design. The standard range of Jabiru’s feature bench seats and heavy duty aluminium construction, and with models ranging from 3.45m, which is designed with rooftop transport in mind, to the 4.35m, which is big enough to fit the whole family on board. The Jabiru Pro takes the famous hull, and adds a HEAP of features to bring you the ultimate in freshwater angling vessels. With front and rear casting platforms and pedestal seats as standard features, the Jabiru Pro makes your average ‘tinnie’ look like a toy. With optional features like lockable rod storage lockers, casting seats, live bait tanks, side consoles, trolling motor bracing and heaps more, you can really grab the bull by the horns and make your Savage Jabiru Pro you ideal freshwater fishing weapon.

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