Our service department also caters for repairs that don’t fall under a manufacturers scheduled service. Our highly trained staff can get your boat back on the water quicker, and by using 100% genuine parts where available, we can offer a quality guarantee on all our service repairs. Repairs that don’t fall under a standard service can include:

Understanding Diagnostics

Here at The Marine Shop, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience with marine engines, our staffed are highly trained to diagnose and repair problems you may be having with your engine. Newer engines such as Mercury’s Optimax or Verado range provide fault codes that drastically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and fix problems. However for most engines, diagnosing a fault can be much more complex. For a long time engines have been fitted with alarms to alert the user to a problem, however unfortunately the alarm often merely means there is a problem, and provides little to no clues as to what the underlying issue is.

Our service staff will speak with you and try to paint a picture of just what the engine was doing when the problem first arose, using this information our technicians, then run through a troubleshooting guide outlined by the manufacturer to rectify the problem. The first step in this process is a basic engine health check, which checks for major issues that may have caused, or may have been caused by the issue itself.

The next step in this process entirely depends on each individual engine, and the faults you describe to us. In most cases we can rectify the problem rather quickly. However; in rare cases, even when provided with all the necessary information, diagnosing a fault can prove to be incredibly challenging. Our technicians will narrow the problem down using the troubleshooting guide to a few possible causes (the number will vary depending on the fault), and test and replace parts in order of most likely to fix the issue, to least likely. For more information on diagnosing faults with your engine, you can email, or call our service department.


The technicians at The Marine Shop can also do all the hard work on your boat for you, whether it be fitting a new sounder/GPS, electric anchor winch, or something as simple as re-packing your trailer bearings, our technicians do it all, and all our work is done to the quality and standard you’re used too at The Marine Shop.